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Insurance Not Paying on Your Water Damage?

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Watch a public adjuster who works for the insured and see how he gets the most from the insurance. Sometimes they are needed to work with the insurance in your behalf. They do charge a fee or a percentage of what they receive. We at DriTeam Restoration & Cleaning are not public adjusters, but sometimes what we do is just as helpful to get what you deserve for any damages from floods, water damage or hurricane damage.

If insurance has not paid for your flood damage, water damage or hurricane damage give us a call, sometimes all the insurance company needs is a professional contractors recommendation. Here at DriTeam Restoration & Cleaning our tools are designed to find moisture and recommend repairs that adjusters might not see.

One of our customers was offered $30,000 for his hurricane damage, we helped by writing an estimate and documenting all the damage throughout his home and within about 2 months he received a total payout of over $140,000.00 for the damage. It takes some time and patience; however, most insurance companies just want proof and documentation to show the damage is there. The adjuster is not likely to go into a crawl space or attic and therefore cannot see and document all the damage that may have occurred from a flood or water damage. Providing a documented estimate is no guarantee the insurance will pay; however, we have seen good results over and over. Just click on the contact at the top of the page or call us at the phone number below to visit about your water damage situation.