24 Hr Emergency Water Removal

Water Damage Restoration demands understanding building and design, plus how to restore them. DriTeam works with your insurance company, so you don't have to. Removing excess moisture immediately will save thousands of dollars. In fact, insurance companies tell you to preserve the insured property. ​
You can count on DriTeam for flood remediation services. Serving Whitesboro TX,  Valley View, Gainesville, Aubrey, Pilot Point areas. Water Damage Service caused by flooding rivers, rain and busted pipes. We are the disaster erasers and will get you back to the way you were.

Whether you have burst pipes, washing machine overflow, roof leaks or sewer backup, call us. We have the proper tools to get you back to the way it was before. Arrival time of 30-60 minutes, thus preventing further damage. For more than 30 years, homes and businesses have depended on us.

Steps For Water Damage Cleanup

1st, Water Damage inspection to your property is the vital for a successful completion. Drying properly, saves you time and prevents more problems later. Moisture can result in electrical shocks or cause other health hazards. Extraction is simultaneous with inspection in most cases. Fast extraction is important to stop the damage.

2nd, Remove all the excess moisture first, followed by debri removal. Next, remove water damaged contents. Removing wet materials will speed up the drying process.

3rd, Equipment is arranged, so as extract moisture fast. The air movers circulate the air so as to remove moisture. The dehumidifiers lower the moisture content to speed up the drying. Air scrubbers filter the air of contaminates to protect occupants or workers.

4th, IICRC Licenced water damage crew monitors the drying and moisture levels of the structure. After restoring to the original moisture level, the repairing begins. DriTeam does water damage repairs only if requested by the home owner.

Call anytime for water damage in all Grayson and Cooke County areas.​