Water Damage Effects on Health Grayson County TX

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One of the health effects that can come from mold caused by a water damage is an allergic disease reaction with symptoms similar to the common cold along with possible flu-type symptoms and asthma.

Water damaged environments can also create a toxic disease called histoplasma capsulatum, which is the fungal organism that causes the disease histoplasmosis.   This can result in a fatal respiratory disease.  Another is Cryptococcus Neoformans, a fungal organism that causes meningitis, a his is an inflammation of the brain tissues. 

Ringworm and athlete's foot are fungal infections that can also result from a water damaged environment.

Another flu-like symptom caused from water damaged environments is a hypersensitivity disease called hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The Flulike symptoms can cause headache, fatigue and body aches.

Contol and Remediation of Water Damaged Environments

The best prevention to control inside growth of  mold, so as to keep your structure clean and within the good humidity  listed below. When there is a water damage intrusion, take steps to dry it as fast as possible. The A S H R E A or American society of heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning says the inside comfort for humans zone is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should be between 40 % to 50 %. If the relative humidity goes over 60 %, microbial growth conditions are highly likely.

Removal of contaminated materials and proper cleaning is vital to keep the health and safety of the occupants protected. Once the contaminated materials are safely removed and the microbial treatment completed, the drying process can begin. Some homeowners think a simple home dehumidifier will suffice for their major water damage and neglect to remove all the damaged materials. Removing the wet damaged materials first can expedite the drying 200% or more. Using commercial dehumidifiers will all reduce the drying time considerably. That's not all air movement to help in the evaporation is another key factor to get the moisture airborne and to the dehumidifier.

Exposed Wood After Removing Materials in a Water Damage .

Moisture content of any wood framing such as studs, ceilings and flooring is 8% to 12% and if it is not kept under about 16%, it can support mold growth. If the moisture is over 20%, the wood can develop a fungal rot. This is a type of decay called wet rot and occurs in very high moisture conditions. This explains why some building become sick after a water damage or flood because of improper drying process. The home owner spent $1000's of dollars only to discover it has to be torn back out and dried properly.